Introducing the World's First Auto Pilot Electronic Kontiki
GT Kontiki

Made in NZ

24 month

Introducing the World’s first autopilot electronic kontiki

The GT Kontiki is a world’s first – an electronic longline fishing system with sophisticated point-and-go ‘autopilot’ steering that follows a pre-programmed magnetic bearing.

It is available in a selection of packages, including fully optioned fishing systems which include the kontiki, winch, 2000m of line, traces, lead weights, transport trolley with bait board, batteries and chargers. Components are also available separately.

The GT Kontiki fishing system is the most reliable and effective beach launched kontiki fishing system in the world. Developed and exhaustively tested in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions, it is completely at home on the beaches of New Zealand’s rugged west coast.

All GT Kontiki kits come with a 24-month warranty.

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Geoff Thomas

"The GT Kontiki's unique and highly sophisiticated autopilot system, coupled with the grunty motor, makes light work of any demanding surf conditions as it punches through and journeys out to the depths. It's amazing what us kiwis come up with so we can catch more and bigger fish using the most efficient and trouble free way possible! An impressive piece of kit."

Geoff Thomas

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: Introduction and Main Features (above)
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Video 4: Going Fishing with your GT-Konitki
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