New HTML5 Form Functions

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Place Holders

Just add placeholder="the text you want to display as a hint"
Currently Supported by: safari, chrome

Auto Focus

In the past you had to use javascript to set the focus into a input box on a webpage
In HTML5, just add autofocus inside the input tags
Currently Supported by: safari, chrome, opera

Search Input Type

Displays a clear data (x) in Google Chrome and Safari

Date Input Type

Currently ONLY Supported by Opera, all other browsers render as text box

New input types for the Apple iPhone

Email Input Type

There is a new input type called email, at the moment the main use for this is to get an iPhone to display the "email touch keyboard", when the input boix has focus
In HTML5, just add type="email" inside the input tags
Currently only really useful on iPhone, all other browsers render as text box
A similar input type for web address exists (type="url"), which displays the "Web Address touch keyboard"

Number Input Type

On most Web Browsers this will look like a textbox, but on an iPhone the "numeric touch keyboard" will be displayed when the input box has focus